Saturday, February 19, 2005

Tai-Tai in Training.

Tai Tai

noun 1. A term used in Chinese circles for supreme wife (implying situation where a man is wealthy enough to have several "wives') but no longer strictly interpreted. Term now applies to citizens of the world with an Asian viewpoint who have bounds of time and money. A Tai Tai is a privileged lady of means. 2. Supreme of the Supreme is its literal translation. The term implies respect.

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Since I’m going to graduate soon, it is assumed that I should have some sense of where I’m heading, what I want to be, what I want to do, etc… So until I find that pot of gold that I am still hoping is somewhere in the attic, garden or backyard, I shall aspire like most women aspire to be a tai-tai. So I’ve decided to start a new sub-section in this blog – tai-tai in training. So in this column I’ve decided to write about all these tai-tai, che-che places that I discover and I shall grade them accordingly with a number of air kisses upon 5.


Blogger Amanduh said...

Very Interesting idea! Look forward to reading your entries!

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