Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tai-Tai in Training: Marmalade Pantry

Unit B1-08 to 11
Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road
Singapore 238871
Tel: 6734 2700

Tuna Carpaccio with Crispy Noodle Salad

My first tai tai stop is the marmalade pantry. I like the food they serve here. I had the tuna carpaccio with fried noodles and salad. Impressively served up with my noodles and salad forming a tower over the bed of tuna, it was wonderfully pleasing to the eye and it really got me excited about my lunch that was before me. The tuna was great, lightly seared and still raw in the middle and drizzled with a wonderful asian dressing. The noodles however tasted terrible. It served to impress and to dazzle but I didn’t think it did much to impress in the taste department, since it tasted like crispy cardboard, but at the same time it wasn’t that crispy and tasted a little old. However, since the noodles weren’t the highlight, I would say I enjoyed it very much. My fellow eating companions also had good meals laid before them, the steak sandwich spotted a rather good slice of beef between the bread and they came with really nice sweet potato chips. The chicken pesto salad was also rather good, the chicken was nice and char-grilled giving an extra dimension in taste. Food wise I liked it the last time I was here, and I still like it. Although, a meal here would set you back at least S$20-S$30 a person. What I also recommend you having is the sticky date pudding with caramel sauce. It was a delightful surprise on the menu as I’ve only had it Australia and it is one of the few places in Singapore that I know serves it.

I like this little basement hideout. I think it has got a cute location because it is in an uppity shopping place and it is open enough for you to be spotted having your cuppa. I say it scores on the tai-tai factor because of the crowd, location and the food but I thought the services was lacking. My overall rating, I would say is a 3.5 air kisses upon 5.


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