Friday, February 04, 2005

Pasta Brava - Bravo! Brava!

Pasta Brava Restaurant Pte Ltd
11 Craig Road, Tanjong Pagar
Singapore 089671
Tel: 62277550

Pasta Brava gives you good Italian food without the any snobbery and I think that is the heart of Italian food. Unlike French food which draws attention to the chef, Italian food draws your attention to the food. It’s a nice place to kick back with some friends to pig out over some food and I guess that’s what we did today. For S$30 a person, four of us shared 5 dishes at the dinner table -- Pumpkin ravioli with red capsicum sauce, spinach ravioli with ricotta and sundried tomato served with a tomato sauce, black ink squid risotto with seafood, seafood stew in a thick tomato sauce and beef flavoured with white green peppercorn and blue cheese sauce.

Pumpkin Ravioli with red capsicum sauce and cream

I’ve been here twice and the food has not disappointed me yet. Everything on the menu is pretty good and the menu is rather extensive. The pumpkin ravioli however is a must try, don’t be too put off if you aren’t a pro-veggie eater, it is really quite good, and if you really don’t think you will like it, at least share it with someone. Other things that I would strongly recommend are the squid ink risotto which is bursting with flavour from the white wine that it is stewed in, the beef carpaccio that is served with rocket and parmesan is also classic Italian and nice and the seafood stew which is gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. These are just the various dishes that I have sampled in the restaurant, and I honestly feel that the other items on the menu won’t disappoint as well.

I was really hungry at the dinner table that once the food came I found myself almost gobbling my food since everything was delightfully yummy that I literally had to remind myself to chew my food as I was eating. So when you come here, don’t be like me, the food is good so take your time to enjoy it.


Blogger Amanduh said...

It was indeed an absolutely delicious meal today! Good food, great company! Too bad we could not decide on dessert!

1:05 AM  

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