Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nanbantei – The Famous Yakitori from Tokyo

14 Scotts Road, #05-132
Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Tel: 67335666

After taking my seat in this restaurant, I was delighted to hear the chatter of Japanese people in their native language. I like the ambience of this place, it is really informal and cozy, and I think having the visual effect of watching the yakitori chefs at work gives this place some character and your meal more interactive. There is a reasonable number of choices from the menu and you should be able to find a morsel on a stick that would suit your taste. We ordered the Yakitori dinner set which is priced at S$34 and it consist of the following 12 sticks:

Asparagus wrapped in bacon
Okra wrapped in bacon
Quail Eggs
Chicken Balls
Chicken with leek
Chicken liver
Shiitake Mushroom
Ginko Nuts x2

To finish off, they give you a small dessert, which is red bean with mochi.

"Chicken Yakitori Plate" - (from R to L) Quails Eggs, Chicken Balls, Chicken with Leek, Chicken Liver.

Because they serve you such small portions of everything, it can get really addictive. So the only thing that you should watch out for is your spending, because you could just keep ordering these tasty morsels and before you know it, you might run yourself a really long bill.

The other dishes that we ordered were pretty good as well, in addition to the yakitori set, we ordered a grilled squid which was wonderfully grilled, where there was that slight charred taste. We also tried the special chewy udon which was in my opinion very disappointing. It came with a lovely light broth, but the udon wasn’t chewy and it was far from what being spectacular. Furthermore, priced at S$15 a bowl, where you get a bowl of noodles, hot broth and a sprinkling of spring onions didn’t make me very happy.

The service here was fantastic. The girl that served my table was wonderful. She had good knowledge of the menu and was very helpful in giving suggestions and recommendations. Along with the yakitori set dinner, you can order a rice set, but instead of that she recommended a rice dish which is rice topped off with stewed mushrooms and minced meat, which wasn’t on the menu but tasted fantastic. They also have set lunches price at S$12.80, which is rather decently priced for the great food that they serve here, so, come to this Yakitori bar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should also try Kazu at Cuppage Plaza. Right in the heart of Japanese KTV territory...which might strike you as a bit seedy but the Foie Gras on a stick melts in your mouth.

4:11 PM  

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