Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Les Saison

Central Mall,
7 Magazine Road, #01-03
Singapore 059572
Tel: 65570080

The restaurant is cozy, classy but not intimidating and it was a lovely spot for lunch today. The service was reasonable, nothing much to complain about and I guess if you are served by the co-owner Mackie Chee, you should be assured of good service. They didn’t give me much to complain about since they were rather attentive.

Foie Gras with red wine reduction sauce

We went with the set lunch which is prices at S$28+++ and if you elect for a foie gras appetizer, it will cost you an extra S$8. I think the menu changes on a regular basis and so I’ll narrate to you the choices that were available today to give you a rough idea of what they would normally have. For appetizers there was a choice between a soup with prawn ravioli, yellowtail salad, and a foie gras dish (today’s was served with a red wine reduction sauce). For main courses there was a choice between seabass with pumpkin mash and a cream sauce or the osso bucco served with gratin and grilled asparagus. Then to end it off, you had a choice between coffee/tea or a chocolate torte with passionfruit sorbet or a strawberry parfait. If you do come for dinner, there is also a degustation menu available for S$80 a person.

I was pleased with my lunch. I hate it when they give you set lunches where you might have a great appetizer and they give you a really lousy dessert that tastes like it came out of an instant packet and no effort was put into it. One of the reasons why I think it was good on a holistic level is that despite the smallness of this restaurant, it has its own pastry chef, so one can be assured of good desserts. I went with the foie gras, the osso bucco and the chocolate torte. I enjoyed everything but I would say I enjoyed the osso bucco the least, no fault of the dish, but I think I would have rather have had the seabass which might have been lighter on the stomach. Nonetheless, I liked this place and I like its smallness, in this case, I don’t think bigger is better. It’s smallness has a cozy charm.


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