Monday, February 07, 2005

Chutney Café

3 Temasek Boulevard#B1-024/025/045
Suntec City Mall Restaurant Unit 3
(Fountain food terrace)

This place serves up fusion northern Indian food. The menu has the conventional things like tandoori chicken and a variety of naan or you can have a side of cumin rice along with it. They also have daily specials which is usually a curry based dish served with a serving of cumin rice, vegetables and a plain naan.

Chicken Tikka Wrap

What I recommend is the chicken and fish tikka wrap which would set you back S$7.50 and S$8 respectively. The two wraps are served with a special chili yoghurt sauce that is light and wonderful. What makes the wraps good is the attention to details, the fish is lightly fried and has a good texture where it is firm and let a little flaky. The chicken on the other hand is the same as the tandoori chicken that they serve and so there is an added layer of taste instead of it simply being grilled chicken. So which ever you choose they are both good. The meat is then topped of with some vegetables and their special chili yoghurt sauce and wrapped with a hot fluffy naan. Sounds good? It is, the fish tikka wrap has won a food award but my personal preference is the chicken tikka wrap.


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