Monday, January 31, 2005

Beng Hiang Restaurant - Hokkien Food

Beng Hiang Restaurant Pte Ltd
112-116 Amoy Street
Singapore 069932
Tel: 62216695/84

To be fair to my mother, since we have been on the food trail with our Teochew roots, we decided to go to a Hokkien restaurant this time round. So, to make it a real family affair, we asked my aunty along as well, so we could form a table of 10, but the hidden agenda was to sample more items on the menu.

Duck Salad

So instead of taking their engineered set menus we tried to put together our own and for S$224 we had:

Duck Salad
Hokkien Mee
Prawn Rolls
Emperor Chicken
Sizzling Bean Curd
Steam Tilapia with bread crumbs
Oyster Omelette
Stir Fried Dow Miao
Kung Ba Pao
Orh Nee (Steam Yam Pudding)

My favourite dish was the duck salad. I love duck so I’m biased, but the dressing that they serve it with is light and tangy with little shred of duck. I think like my mother I shall insist on ordering that whenever we return to that restaurant. YUM YUM. Everything else was pretty nice, the oyster omelette was fluffy and crispy and the oysters were fresh. What I however would suggest is that you NEVER order the sizzling bean curd, it was below par and terribly done.

My overall impression, I like my Hokkien culinary roots.


Blogger foodmylife said...

Thanks for your kind sharing. Im bringing my family there this weekend...will not forget to order the fish maw soup..

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