Saturday, November 06, 2004

Cookout 2

We continued with the Akin’s tradition of doing with maximum meat and minimum everything else. We had the usual fanfare of beef, prawns, chicken and all, but to keep things interesting, I try not to repeat the marinades unless everyone raves so much about it that it is worth bringing back by popular demand. So, what made its debut on our menu today were these sugarcane pork skewers. I got an idea while flipping this Thai cooking book where they had pork on lemongrass skewers. I also remember having these prawn skewer things in a Vietnamese restaurant once and so I decided to marry the two ideas. It’s really simple too.

Get yourself some minced pork and some sugar cane.
The sugar cane bit might be the most difficult bit because they aren’t always available in the market and you need some patience in taking off the tough bits. Make sure you get enough of the husk off, so that you get the sweet fibers instead of just tasteless bits.

Marinade the minced pork with soy sauce, some shao hsing wine, pepper and sesame oil. Along with that I chopped some water chestnuts finely for some crunch in the meat. The result wasn’t too bad although it needs some fine tuning. It was nice on the grill and we later started pouring beer over them on the grill, which added another interesting dimension.


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