Monday, November 08, 2004

Chat Masala

Chat Masala
158 Upper East Coast Road

This place serves up some northern Indian nosh. I liked the menu and a few things that I ate. However, I'm not sure if the journey across the island was that worth while. My complaints before my compliments, what went wrong: the food was not hot enough, and I'm not being a food bitch and all obsessive about food temperature and how there was no steam being emitted from my food. But, the food was almost cold, that usually indicated that the food was pre-cooked way beforehand, and was kept warm or heated up properly. And hence I suspect that is the reason why the lamb chops that we ordered were rather dry and unimpressive.

What I liked in this restaurant and was their kerala meen (something), which is this snapper curry. I liked this and strangely enough, this was the best dish we had out of the four that we ordered and this was the only one that wasn't a chef’s recommendation. Other things that I liked about the restaurant: the fruit naan, which has dried fruit and a slight sugar coating. Other little details I liked was the selection of square white plates and cutlery, sometimes I think it’s the details that I like because they are all part of the dining experience. Another upside of this place is that, it's rather reasonable, we had dinner for 4 for under S$60, but make sure you come with at least 3 people, that way you'll be able to try a few things on the menu. So other than my complaint about the coldness of the food, it was rather good, I might pop by when I'm in the neighbourhood and looking for some northern Indian nosh.


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