Sunday, November 07, 2004

Canton Wok: Kudos to Chef Kang

Canton Wok by Chef Kang

Blk 204 Serangoon Central, #01-112
Singapore 550204
Tel: 62862070

Tucked in the heartlands of Singapore, an article has hailed this place as the best zhi-char place in Singapore. For the non-Singaporeans, the direct translation of zhi-char is generally frying, but I think I’ll more accurately say its Singapore’s no fuss local Chinese cuisine. Articles that have written about this place have raved about it, and rightly so.

We decided to try out some of the chef’s recommendations: Deep fried eggplant with pork floss and the coffee pork ribs. My verdict? Excellent. I’ve never had coffee pork ribs like this, it’s got a good bitterness and you get the aroma of coffee with every bite. The sweetness of the pork with the bitterness of the coffee makes the pork ribs almost seem like mocha. The deep fried eggplant with pork floss is interesting, the different textures of the three things: the batter, the soft eggplant and the melt in your mouth pork floss is great, and the eggplant is a good complement to bring out the sweetness in the pork floss. Other things that we had were kai lan stir fried with garlic and sliced fish, prawns with Portuguese sauce and a noodle. Everything was of a good standard no complains, except that it was a hot afternoon and there was no air-con.

Weather aside, this is my biggest gripe, we wanted to try to sizzling red wine chicken and the beancurd with dried scallops which were other chef’s recommendations, but they weren’t ready. That makes poor restaurant sense to me, but I guess maybe the dinner crowd is better although it was full when we got there at 1pm in the afternoon and so they only serve it during dinner. I’m not sure, I’ll have to go back and check it out. All in all, we were so impressed by the quality of food that we are still debating if we are going to head back there for dinner and to sample the rest of the menu.

Kudos to Chef Kang, he has made an excellent match between Canton and Singapore and made it available to all. Lunch for 4 was below $65.


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