Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adam Road Soto Ayam Stall #9

As the rain falls outside, I’m craving some Soto Ayam with a begedil from Adam Road.

I remember headed over there on a Saturday afternoon for a bowl but we arrived half an hour too early and had to wait in anticipation. So we lingered and sipped on teh teriks, waiting…as the chicken and spices mingled in the boiling pot, well on it is on its way to becoming a fragrant broth that is light but big in flavour.

Whilst the chicken broth is comforting, it is the other components that make the soup sing. The dark sauced ‘sandy’ chilli packs a good punch of heat and flavour that can be used as a dipping sauce or stirred into the soup. I also don’t particularly enjoy having noodles in this dish. I usually substitute it for a begedil (fried potato cutlet), and break it up into chunks and let it slowly disintegrate in my soup.

Amirah & N’ur Aniqah
(Mee Soto & Mee Rebus)
Better known as Adam Road Soto Ayam Stall #9
Stall 9 Adam Rd food centre

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Blogger yixiao said...

best mee soto i have ever had!

1:49 PM  

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