Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Move over salted caramel ... hello salted gelato!

It started in France and it slowly took the world by storm, the salted caramel is now everywhere.

The truth is a little salt on sweet can go a long way, season to taste. So here's a new sweet salty sweet from Japan that I found in the recent Isetan Japanese Food Fair (runs till 6 May 2010) - Natural Salt Gelato that I found whilst wandering through the supermarkets and absolutely adore! Move over salted caramel, make space for the salted gelato!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Table 66 on Tras

This might come as a small shock but eating out started to bore me a little last year. The menus started looking the same and the probability of having a ‘gastronomic moment’ was low. It wasn’t that the food was bad; it was more that the new did not entice or excite.

But as life would have it, there are always a few good surprises. Earlier this year, I attended a wine dinner that I agreed to go to more for the company than for anything but it was unexpectedly good and very promising.

Table 66 is a new old kid on the block. There are service problems but it is serious about the food it serves. The room is spare and a little cold but this place offers comfort on plates. The chef, Vincent Teng, is a familiar face. Last spotted at Desire at the Scarlet and prior to that at My Dining Room on Club Street he has grown a fan base of diners. The food is simple and big in flavour. Case in point, the grilled tenderloin and truffle potato puree. Everything was right – the beef was flavourful and tender and the potatoes smooth, creamy and fragrant. The other bright spark of the night was the Royale Noisette Gateau, a rich hazelnut mousse cake that was unexpectedly good. I’ll come back because it’s been a while since got a good feeling a place; somehow I feel like it is serious about good food.

66 Tras Street
Tel: 6225-6690