Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And Then I Ate More Sushi

100 Orchard Road
#03-25 Lobby Level
Le Meridien Singapour
Tel: 6732-2911

I think I could live on sushi alone. Maybe I should consider since I imagine that if I fed on a diet of rice and fish only, I would live pretty well.

With the closing of Akane, Chef Nogawa now alternates between his Sentosa and town outlet, serving and joking with his regulars. Different location, but the praise for the pristine freshness and variety of fish is still the same. Everything was precisely prepared and then chomped by us.

My favourite moment was when chef Kelvin told me to get ready to stick my hand out and to open my palm.

“Ready?” he asked
“Yes” and then he placed a small mount of rice that was generously topped with plump sea urchin.
“Eat it immediately!” he instructed and in a smooth tequila shot motion, we popped it in our mouths.

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