Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Munch Munch Lunch Bunch Munch at Iggy's

I have been a terribly ill disciplined blogger but I had good reason … and now that my charity dinner is over, I have no more excuses. So its time for me to play catch-up, here’s my little report from my point of view about the Lunch at Iggy’s with the Lunch Lucullans / The Lunch Bunch.

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I am mainly reminded about this lunch because of the events last night. As I stood in the room and watched him and a handful of chefs work over 222 plates of Carpaccio of Wagyu Striploin with Truffle Mayonnaise, Rocket and Aged Parmesan Cheese that Chef Dorin from Iggy’s plated for our event last night, and later him stress about having to expedite the food, my main memory of that moment was the smell of truffles that enveloped me in the plating room.

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As I moved through sniffed my way through the room, I poked around and tried to make myself invisible and a non-obstacle to the many bodies and then just as I got to the end of the room, I spotted plated grilled watermelon rectangles that danced in my mouth at our lunch, which was juicy and sweet. And I remembered the sweet memories of lunch.

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I elected for most of the lighter courses that afternoon of the grilled watermelon and the creatively presented bellini, with the exception of their signature burger than I couldn’t bring myself to say "no" to. The company was great (lazy lunch lasted too long for a normal office day), the new food menu is still good, my only tiny tiny complaint is that, I was looking forward to having the scampi oil capellini, which has been tragically taken off the menu.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't hurt to ask if they might be able to make the pasta dish for you the next time you indulge at Iggy's. They just might have the ingredients on hand :) Your Nogawa meal looks scrumptious.

10:41 PM  

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