Sunday, October 22, 2006

Japanese Eating Strip

Mohammad Sultan is a place I now associate this street with food, and in particular Japanese food rather than its previous years of being a bar-hopping strip. How this place slowly evolved into a little Japanese eatery haven is quite unclear, but these are three gems that I’ve dined at and liked.

207 River Valley Road
#01-57, UE²
Tel: 67352212

The menu here is rather large with all sorts of offerings that will tempt and satiate you. The best thing to do here, in my opinion, is to come with a group of adventurous eaters, order some sake of Asahi and a whole array of dishes from the menu. Reasonable set dinner menus are also available, which are about $30 with tax consisting of daily appetisers, two mini portions of mains and a mug beer. Other dishes that I have ordered on most occasions here is their pork salad and mentaiko pasta. This is one of the few places that I know that have mentaiko pasta on their menu, so if you have never had it, try it here! Reservations for Fridays and weekends are absolutely necessary, if not be prepared to wait for about 30 minutes.

205 River Valley Road
#01-75, UE²
Tel: 67323110

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From the name, I’m guessing this is an off-shoot from En. The menu here is different from En. The menu here is slightly more “mainstream”, and closer to the bento box set menus that we are used to seeing in most Japanese restaurants. My first introduction to this restaurant was through their yummy set dinner, which serves enough food to be shared by two consisted of: a wonderful refreshing and crunchy salad, sashimi, a hand roll, a stick of chicken yakitori, a croquette, tempura, wagyu beef, somen and green tea ice cream. The house signature unagi rice that looked so irresistible on our neighbouring diner’s table that we had to order one for ourselves was also scrumptious. Anyhow, I’ll definitely come back here.

33 Mohamed Sultan Road,
Tel: 68874669

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My last Japanese meal along this strip was at this cornershop, Yoyogi. Sushi and tempura set dinners are available, and for those who would like to live on the edge and to occasionally court death, the deadly fugu is served here. Again, this place has a rather large menu, and it took us a good 15 minutes before we decided on what to order. Most items that we ordered for dinner were good. The simple dish of garlic rice was gloriously perfumed with garlic and tasty and the featured slices of slice in my bowl of tokujyo chirashi were sweet and fresh. Another item that we tried that is worth splitting with you dining companions is the grilled bean curd with cheese and cod roe, yummy, but it tends to hit diminishing marginal returns after about 3 bites. Make sure you finish off with a scoop of their homemade yuzu ice cream, it flavour was so clean, bright and refreshing, an absolute must-try.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much was the set at Z'en?

I love Mentaiko but have only tried it at the Tokyo Dining at Marina (owned by one of the sushi chains) and Cafe Rosso at Holland V, which I enjoyed a lot.

11:18 AM  
Blogger D said...

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7:05 AM  
Blogger joone! said...

hey cindy, i can't remember the exact figure, but if i'm not wrong the set was about $40?

4:27 PM  
Blogger kawai said...

I think it might be because of the fact that there is Liang Court nearby. It used to be what I called "Little Japan" with Daimaru and other shops catering to Japanese expats several years ago. Well although Daimaru is gone but the place still retains a number of those shops with the only authentic Japanese supermarket that I agree of in basement 1.

12:13 AM  

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