Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Second Thoughts About Iggy’s

I’m back at Iggy’s. It has been almost a year since I last dined here. My first dinner here was a little disappointing. All the hype around the restaurant’s opening did not do too much to help it. The media set out great expectations and it did not live up to it for me. So here I am, back again. The main reason that has drawn me back is because of the news it has made again—named 4th best restaurant in Asia—there might be something that they are doing right that I missed out on my first visit.

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The food was inspiring. A, a totally non-foodie friend of mine, who absolutely eats to live and eats faster than anyone I know, had dinner at Iggy’s the week before and raved about the sakura ebi cappellini with konbu and scampi oil. And for A to rave about food, that is really something. I ordered it and empathised. The first bite of the cappellini is a burst of heady prawn flavour and once your tongue has digested that, it then reaches to you on another level as a comfort food as it has characteristics of a cholesterol-ridden bowl of prawn noodles. My lunch date, fellow foodie hinata, had the squid ink risotto with grilled octopus, which was equally delicious with well charred octopus that was not too chewy, and risotto, well its one of those foods that when cooked al dente always makes me smile.

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Following we had the signature Iggy’s burger, which generous patty was pink and barely cooked to preserve the natural juices was indulgent and the accompaniment of potatoes that danced around with duck fat and rosemary just before they hit the plate were so simple but gratifying.

To finish off, I went with the predictable molten chocolate cake, which was well executed with an oozy centre, quality chocolate and soft and warm sponge casing, while hinata had the banana tart.

The verdict? My $45+++ Lunch was rather awesome and I would definitely go back, but I’m not sure if I would dine there for the $75+++ five-course lunch or the $150+++ dinner.

The Regent Hotel, Level 3
Tel: 6732-2234



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee! My fren & I are Squid Ink Pasta & Risotto fans. Yr pic looks oh so awesome. Well, since Iggy is a fine dining kinda of restaurant, I believe the servings mux be small. Then my fren will probably haf to eat 2 portions of it. Haha!

Thks 4 de review, I've read so much abt it but was a little dbtful dat it may jux be overated. But with yr nod of approval now, I am more willing to try them out.

Actually, I'm surprise yr damage came up to S$45. Was expecting more. I second lunch too instead of dinner.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i recently went there for my birthday - for lunch too. agree that the noodles tasted like oily prawn noodles after a while. my husband had that, while i had the ink risotto, which was really yummy! i loved the banana tart too!

the atmosphere at iggy's is nice :)

5:36 PM  
Blogger Colin said...

Brilliant! I had dinner there once and wasn't that impressed. Sounds like it's due for a second opinion.

11:07 PM  
Blogger hinata said...

Yay, thanks for bringing me along! Was definitely a great lunch - I'm still dreaming of that capellini :)when are we going back??? :)

10:40 AM  
Blogger joone! said...

cin, when you do go, you have to try the scampi oil pasta too. It is very yummy.

spots, yes! iggy's is brillant as a lunch retreat from the office...

colin, i think the problem might be the pricing.. For some reason, even though the food for my first dinner there was good, it did not quite seem to match up to the heavy price tag. I advocate trying lunch!

hinata, me too! i've been obsessing about scampi oil ever since!

11:24 AM  
Blogger shaz said...

thanks, i cant wait to go try them out

3:06 PM  
Blogger hinata said...

btw had scampi oil risotto at flutes the other night! was a friend's wedding dinner so dunno if it's on the regular menu, but I kept thinking about how it's two of your favourite foods at the moment at the restaurant you've been planning for ages to try :)

10:44 PM  
Blogger tlc said...

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5:05 PM  
Blogger tlc said...

dont want to be a party pooper. i happen to like the food at iggy's but following a friend's very unpleasant experience in service, i have second thoughts of a return visit.

it started when friend visiting from overseas could not find the number to cancel her reservation. man at iggy's called an hour after and gave her a big scolding inspite of her apology. the scolding went on for a bit afterwhich she apologised again and hung up.

this was followed by a text message from iggy stating that he was "appalled" with her behaviour. friend reverted with the same. and iggy's response: "too bad".

sure leaves a bad taste, good food or otherwise.

5:09 PM  
Blogger oenophile said...

hey Joone
read your post and I was inspired to visit Iggy's for lunch last week.
I had the salmon with parmasan cheese (smelt like kerosene) for starters, main course was pan fried seabass on caviar based cream (nothing fancy) and lemon lime sherbert to finish off. my lunch partner had calamari to start (valentino's better), pork schnizel (tasted like normal pork chop) and the liquid choc cake (quite standard).

all in all, we were not impressed with the food. the service was good and all but I don't think lunch was worth the $45+++ pax. perhaps it's a first timer thing (like your 1st experience at Iggy's); and it's only good when you go there the 2nd time... but I'll think twice before going there again.

8:17 PM  

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