Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year, New Beginnings

After 2005, the Old Airport Road Emporium & Cooked Food Centre located at Blk 51 Old Airport Road, would be relocated just down the road from its original location. This Olympian sized food court housed many culinary gems that I only hope will not be lost after the upgrade. Here’s a little tribute to the stalls that I loved and (fingers-crossed) moved to the new complex instead of moving on to retirement.

Sin Bee Hiong Hokkien Lo Mee Prawn Mee
Previously at #01-127C

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Certified by Makansutra with a triple chopstick grading, this Lor Mee sets the standard. The dark vicious gravy is hardly starchy and the crunch garnish of deep-fried and crumbled ang ko li (red snapper) bits, makes this humble dish rather spectacular.

Chuan Kee Satay
Previously at #01-123S

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These meat sticks are dangerously addictive. After my first stick, I eyed the rest jealously, making sure that I got my equal share or more of the 2 dozen that we ordered. The meat is perfectly barbequed, the meat takes on the sweet marinade, remains succulent and takes on little burnt bits to provide some bitterness. And did I mention they came with a yummy pineapple satay sauce?

The battle of the Wantan Mee

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Cho Kee Noodles
Previously at #01-113


Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wan Ton Mee
Previously at #01-113B

When I wandering into the far deep end of this eating complex, I found two famous wantan mee stalls -- judging from the number of newspaper articles, Channel U and Makansutra awards -- just stall or two away from each other Hua Kee had a long queue and Cho Kee had a digitised signboard that flashed numbers, summoning their customers forward to collect their bowls of noodles. Curious to see which was better, I bought one from each. I preferred the Cho Kee for its noodle texture, chilli and sauce, but wantan vs. wantan, Hua Kee’s wantans were better, Cho Kee’s was a little dry.

Matter Road Seafood & Barbeque
Previously at #01-131G

We had the chilli crabs from here, and the sauce was great, but the crabs were so-so. The stingray was wonderful and rightly torn apart and eaten under 5 minutes.

My Genie Gourmet

Previously #01-135

My dad groaned and complained about the queue when my mother queued up for some of their soon kueh, but he ate ALL of it for breakfast and did none for us. So I personally did not taste it, but it must have been good, no?

Mr Cook
Previously at #01-135C

The herbal chicken was fantastic. Falling off the bone, the meat melted in my mouth and the herbal chicken juices were slurpishly good.

Other very worthy stalls:

Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Prawn Mee
Previously at #01-115J

If you trust our makan guru See Toh, this is another tripe chopstick award winner.

To-Rico Guo Shi
Previously at #01-129D&E

So successful and popular, this double stall is hard to miss with the snaking human queue.

Toa Payoh Rojak
Previously at #01-125D

I haven’t been to the new place yet, but with a treasure chest of hawker gems, my next visit is not too far off.

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Blogger enuwy said...

Oh isn't that the rojak that you have to queue endlessly for? It was really good, I highly recommend it! I'm sad to hear that the place is being relocated, seems like lots of food centres are being upgraded/relocated ...

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Thks for de update on Old Airport Road. Well, at least they're relocating & not gone 4ever. So all de hawkers are relocated in their new vicinity?
Hey U shld try de Butter Crab at Old Matar Road Seafood. It's yums! Mux eat it hot though.Yes! I love their White Pepper Crab & Chilli Crab & Sambal Stingray. These are the only dishes I order fm this stall.
Dun miss out de Blanco Court Dessert stall. Their Ice Jelly is wonderfully soft with smooth ice-shavings topping it. Mmmm.....
Fatman Satay (No.1) previously fm Satay Club is good too. Also, there's this BBQ Chick Wings stall which is really yums!
I've yet to try de Herbal Chicken, cux I can't locate the stall. Ok hope it'd be ard in the new location.
FYI, Holland Village Food Center jux re-opened yesterday after the upgrading. Suggest you visit it in a month time as some of de stalls are not open yet.

12:19 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

296/298, Joo Chiat Road
(Nasi Lemak)

Superb stuff. The only one that came close to the ones served at Madam Kwan's back in KL. I have found very few good food in Singapore, compared to what I can find back in Malaysia. It's either I have to look harder, or maybe you could take me to one.

11:50 AM  

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