Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sun with Moon

Sun with Moon
Japanese Dining and Café
501 Orchard Road,
Tel: 6733-6636

I’ve been meaning to meet a friend here for lunch, because she has marked Sun and Moon as her new favourite lunch spot, but we have never been able to get our schedules to match, and hence our lunch appointment has been postponed indefinitely. I still haven’t met her for our bento lunch, but I decided to pop down to satisfy a sashimi craving and to check out what the rave was about.

Aburi Sushi 7 Mori

Nosh: The food quality in terms of freshness is high. Taking its lead form Suntory, Sashimi here is extremely fresh, no rubbery tasting squid and no suspicious smelling fish. The aesthetics of the dish was simple and elegant, served on a bed of shaved ice that for practical reasons, helped to keep the sashimi platter cold.

The menu is extensive and you will probably be at a lost at what to order because of the endless choices and interesting items on the menu. We were absolutely lost at what to order and so we decided to play it safe and to ease the decision making process by trying what the reviews have recommended as the house specialities. For starters, we had the Aburi Sushi 7 Mori, which is the half broiled. I lean towards the purist school of Japanese food, but this half broiled sushi was rather interesting. The 7 pieces of sushi were rather interesting, we started with a semi-broiled toro and followed with swordfish, snapper, salmon belly, yellowtail, scallop and foie gras, the sushi was delectable but rather expensive. I might have rather had everything in their essence, but the broiling did bring out the fatty flavour of the fish a little more.

As Sun with Moon prides itself as being one of the only or few places that serves up kamameshi (rice pots), we decided that we could not have dinner here without having tasted its house speciality. The flavour of the rice is very subtle. The rice is seasoned with soy sauce and other probable ingredients such as mirin and sake. Along with that, the rice is peppered with edamame beans, and came topped with “your topping of choice”, ours for that night was kani and karasumi (snow crab and mullet roe with chef’s sauce). The rice comes in a traditional looking pot and a timer, to ensure that your rice is well marinated and hot, so much so that the eating of the kamameshi is almost like a ritual or rite of passage as there are these rules for you to follow. When we were permitted to eat, we lifted the lid and scooped the rice out and inhaled the smells and savoured the rice.

To end it on a sweet note, we shared a small piece of the soy cheesecake, which was presented with a paper crane in a birdcage and more importantly, the cake was not too sweet, not too rich and had some density.

The food here is good and fresh, but it is a little pricey, however that does not seem to be much of a factor for most people, as we were there on a Thursday night and the restaurant was full.

Pay: We paid S$110 for our dinner, but if you did without the expensive items and simply ordered the regular items such as tempura, sushi and dons, expect to spend about $30-$40 a person for dinner. Wallet-friendly bento sets are available for lunch.

Service: Average, they kept topping up our tea, but they forgot our sashimi order.

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Blogger LiquidShaDow said...

I would like to add, if you've a hearty appetite, make the estimate closer to $50 per head. Been there twice, rather enjoyable. The cheesecake is pleasant and I quite like the black seasame paste dessert which according to some tv feature is hand ground.

3:07 PM  

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