Wednesday, August 24, 2005

mR. marlin

mR. marlin
Sea Mart & Bistro
66 Greenleaf Road
Singapore 279354
Tel: 65-64623080

For numerous Sundays in the last two months, we have found ourselves back at this little slightly off-the-beaten-track eating village. Sharing this space with Cantina and La Braceria, mR. Marlin offers something different from the Italian neighbours.

White Bait Fish and Chips

Nosh: Fish and chips, fresh oysters and a variety of seafood are the main feature on the menu. Appetizers include garden salads, crab cakes, fresh oysters and from the main course section, grilled fish, fish and chips, surf and turf and a seafood platter are on offer. If you are on a diet but are craving some greasy food, maybe the option of having your fries changed to mash potatoes or a fresh rocket salad will let you have the cake and eat it too.

If you are alone, come and have a fish and chip basket; but if you bring company, get them to share with you, that way you’ll get to taste more instead of a whole baby barramundi. We ordered a dish each – grilled baby barramundi, mixed grilled seafood, red snapper fish and chips and white bait fish and chips. The seafood is fresh and so it is simply prepared and served with light sauces. What I enjoyed was that because the seafood was fresh, you taste the sweetness of the fish rather than having a very rich sauce that might cover the taste of the sweet seafood.

Pay: S$15-S$20 a person.

Service: Passable.


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