Monday, July 25, 2005


60 Greenleaf Road
Tel: 6467-5413

The restaurant was fairly crowded when we got there, hence we couldn’t sit where the main tables were but were tucked in a small connecting room which only sat 3 tables. The simple, unpretentious and slightly country feel that you get when you step into the restaurant will put you at ease. The empty wine bottles and the holes in the walls all added to the charm and the friendly character of the restaurant.

Nosh: The menu is has a range of hot and cold anti pasti, pizzas, pastas and main courses. We decided to sample the main courses and instead of having a serving of bruchetta and whatnots, we decided to split a fire-wood pizza between us.

The portions are fairly large and generous, such that I think I would have split a main with someone, as I struggled to finish half of what was on my plate. I had the cololette alla Bolognese which is oven baked pork with a Bolognese sauce. However, I think I was a little disappointed, it sounded more interesting than it tasted. It was a stack of 3(!) pork chops with Bolognese sauce in between, in other words, it was like lasagna but pork chops instead of pasta sheets. The other dishes that we had included caciatora which is chicken in vegetable stew, vitello al fungi porcini which is a rack of veal with a cream sauce with porcini mushrooms, a penne with scallops and a occhio di blue which is a pizza with egg. The chicken stew tasted like spring, the vegetable broth that it was stewed it made it tender and the flavours light. The show stopped was the rack of veal - tender with the rich porcini infused cream, wonderful, but almost impossible to finish by yourself.

No desserts because I had to doggy bag half of my lunch home.

Pay: S$30 – S$45 for 3 courses per person.

Service: Efficient, and nothing much for me to gripe about.


Blogger Gregoire said...

Hi June,

Cantina is one of the restaurants I frequent.

next time you dine there, I suggest you book their wine cellar for a more private and cosy experience. they have a table for 6 and another for 2. Can get rather cold in there.

Try their 'love pizza' too. It is with crab meat and surprisingly good.

PS: I know it is a 2 year late post...just found your blog. keep it going!

10:24 AM  

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